th&f | design&fashion: leopard girls

I saw these handmade leopard paper dresses the other day at Paper Source and thought they were amazing! I loved every detail and style of all the amazing beautiful paper dresses.

via images by daile.


w | flowers: bella & fifi

I love this cute little flower delivery.

via images from www.bellafififlowers.co.uk


t | journal: rockstar.

Decided to be crazy for a minute.

Tyler wanted to see what he looks like with long hair (my hair) like a rockstar.


m | home: magnetic boards

I'm looking for a cute magnetic board for my office and thought I'll share what I've been looking at . . .

I found these boards from {here} {here} and {here}

f | fashion: kitchen apron

I love these Kitchen Apron from {Natural History} with a bow.

The other day I've been cooking boiled eggs for Easter all morning and have been eating the leftovers everyday since then. They're good when you make a healthy egg sandwich.


th | design: A B C

I love these cute alphabet paper cups design idea!
Aren't these fun or what?

"The idea of ​​ABC Paper Cup came to help differentiate cups at an event. Each guest would memorize their cup, and save it until the end. After that, other uses were discovered, such as decoration. A simple concept, playful and creative, which earned the Red Dot Design Award in 2009 for the design studio {He was Born}." ~ Vie Graphique

via image from www.hewasborn.com

w | flowers

via image by citified.blogspot.com

t | journal: william henry channing


m | home: oc mart mix

I'm definitely going to check out this place this weekend! It looks like a great place to go shopping for your home . . .

Check out their site {here}!


f | fashion: white blazer.

I have a white blazer in my closet and I just realized I don't wear it anymore. But seeing this photo makes me want to wear it today. Love it.

via image from garancedore.fr/en

th : design: dafont

{dafont.com} is one of the websites that you can use to download free fonts to your computer! I used this for a few of my design projects. Check it out!


w | flowers: the list.

Love this list of flower names to decorate your shelf.

via image from meohmymama.blogspot.com


t | journal: a walk with my babe.

Taking a walk along the beach and watching the sunset is the best thing in the world!

via image by daile.


m | home: Michael C. Fina

I love these fun cute spring color tableware! See more {here}!

Don't forget to check the new issue of {High Gloss}!


f | fashion: braided bracelet

What an awesome DIY braided brass hex nut bracelet! I want to make one!
See instructions {here}!

via images from citified.blogspot.com

th | design: deboss & foil

I have always LOVE blind deboss and gold foil print designs on a nice formal invitation. I found this from {oscar & emma} and they have so many beautiful design announcements. Check it out!

via images from oscaremma.blogspot.com


w | flowers: chandelier

In place of a chandelier is a giant hanging garden created by artist {Yedda Morrison}. The everlasting silk blooms reach all the way to the top of the stairwell - I thought this artwork was amazing that I had to post it!

via images from yeddamorrison.com


t | journal: Mr. Farrell's Birthday

Just last weekend I spent some time with someone very special to me and celebrated his birthday. We went to Disneyland the day before his big day and went on our favorite ride - The ToWeR of TERROR! I also surprised him with a dragon cake that I made and decorated for him at the Cheesecake Factory. . . along with two tickets to the Holleywood Bowl to see Zac Brown Band :) We are so excited to go to the concert together!

m | home: CuPcAkEs

I'm finally back! :) The past couple weeks was a whirlwind! Yoga, weddings, birthdays, work, the list goes on and on! . . . and now I'm thinking about cupcakes . . .

I LOVE cupcakes! Its one of my favorite desserts to make at home! What is your most favorite cupcake!?

Thought you might be interested in what I found . . .

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