m | home: kelly market.

I love this blog called {Kelly Market}, its always filled with amazing interior designs. Check it out!

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I'm thinking about this weekend and I think this is something I would love to do.
Have a wonderful relaxing weekend!

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f | fashion: watches

Oh {Michael Kors} . . . love them!


th | design: pink heart.

My little pink heart design.


w | flower: pink roses


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t | music: joshua radin

Listening to "You got what I need" by {Joshua Radin}.


m | home: laugh. dream. love.

I decided to paint another canvas for myself and this is going to add to my new office space.
Laugh. Dream. Love.

Happy Monday! :)
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f | fashion: a white robe.

It has been a long crazy busy week for me and I have an appointment coming up soon to go to a Spa at {Hyatt Pure}. I just can't wait to finally get in my white robe and get a nice hot rock massage. Its always so important to have a time to relax, breathe and clear your mind from everything.


th | design: office

I just started working in my new design office this week and it has been the busiest week of my life! I found this beautiful chair from {Lavender and Lilies} blog; any idea where I can find this black chair from?! Let me know if you know of any good stores to shop for an office space - I would love to hear about it!

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w | flowers: just flowers.

Saw this & took a picture of it with my phone.
Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!


t | journal: the satorialist

I really love this {video} about {the satorialist} - so inspiring! I have always love seeing inside the minds and thoughts of creative people.

image via thesatorialist.blogspot.com


m | home: deco Yellow

I LOVE these pillows from {deco Yellow}! So classic!

images from etsy.com


f | fashion: malene birger

One of my top ten favorite fashion designers on my list is {Malene Birger}, I have always love her danish style. She had a book that came out a couple months ago called "Life and Work" that I'm hoping to buy one soon! I've heard it's an amazing book full of beautiful images about her life.

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th | design: box with stripes

Valentine's Day is coming soon and I made some fun small treat boxes with stripes! They are available on {Etsy} if you want to print one out at home to make for your Valentine. Here are the 5 easy steps:

Print as many as you want from your printer and make sure you print it on cardstock.

Cut it out.

Score the cardstock along each thin line and fold, making a crisp folded edge.

Glue the top tab and stick it to the bottom inside part.

Once glued together pick whatever side to glue and close up the bottom part of the box. Fill with scrumptious treats for your Valentine, fold down the lid and tie with a bow to prevent peeking!


w | flowers: little flower school.

Nicolette Owen of {Nicolette Camille} and Sarah Ryhanen of {Saipua} are amazing floral designers and I loved their work. They travel around the country teaching how to put together many different types of beautiful flowers and will be teaching in LA and Berkley in March! You can check out their {blog} and sign up!

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t | music: feel you.

My friend {Kylee} wrote and sang a song for Jesse & Ann Csincsak at their wedding and I loved it! She has an amazing voice! The song is called "Feel You" and I thought it was a beautiful song. You can listen to her song at her {site} ! Congrats Kylee!

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m | home: abode love

My friend {Kirsten} posted about Laurel-Dawn of {Abode Love} - a home interior blog and I just loved her home. Check out her {blog}!

ps. Don't forget to check out the Jan/Feb issue of {Lonny}!

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f | fashion: yoga in style.

One of my goals for 2011 was to stay healthy and I go to yoga almost everyday. Now I feel like its about time that I need to get some new yoga clothes for the new year. I really love going to the { Lululemon } store. They have so many amazing yoga stuff.

Stuff I take with me to yoga:

1. {water filter bottle} - its always good to drink clean water.
2. {yoga mat} - you can find good deals from target!
3. {skidless towel} - its good to have a towel that won't slide off the mat.
4. {muscle milk} - after class I make sure I drink a good protein shake
to get through the day.

Do you do yoga?!

ps. If you're thinking about going to a good yoga studio -
I recommend {
Corepower} and I love it!


th | design: stationary&stuff

I designed these custom design stationary & if you're interested let me know!

1. I love this foil stamped {invitation}! Beautiful.
2. This {artist} does custom chalk designs all over NYC. Amazing.
3. {DO WHAT YOU LOVE AND DO IT OFTEN}! I printed mine out!
4. Free print out {calenders}! sweet.
5. I want to go to this {event} so bad! Anybody going to this?
6. The 2016 Olympic logo came out! Check out this {video clip}.

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w | flower: bloom

Remember the flower {project} I did a few weeks ago when I painted the pot and planted the bulbs? Well my Paperwhite Ziva finally came out! I just love the smell of these flowers!

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t | journal: quote

"With the new day comes
new strengths and new thoughts."

Eleanor Roosevelt


m | home: 10 goals & 10 rooms to love.

I'm now back home ready for the new year! Its been an amazing winter break with my family and friends in the snowy town. I'm so excited and ready to see this new year of 2011. Here are my ten goals:

1. Exercise daily: yoga, jog, bike, hike, swim . . .
2. Read more books!
3. Drink more water.
4. Write a letter for fun.
5. Travel to a new place.
6. Do at least 5 service projects.
7. Think of a new design every morning.
8. Think of one thing I'm grateful for each day.
9. Do a new cooking recipe often.
10. Laugh.

Cheers to a new beginning!

I found some fun beautiful images around the home to look at from {Little Bits of Lovely} and there are 10 amazing photos for each room. Check it out!

PS. What are your goals!?
via image by daile. (taken in Ut)
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