{w} flowers: flower girl NY

"Flowers bequeath their fragrance to the hand that bestows. . . surround yourself with beauty."

I just completely LOVE {garance dore} 's post about a boutique called the {flower girl} ! What a dream! I would die to work at this gorgeous place in New York! You have to read her post {here} I love it! "Flower Girl founder and owner Denise Porcaro brings a love of beauty and an eye for innovation to every project she undertakes. While studying Production Design for film, Denise found a creative outlet in working with flowers. She began to craft unique arrangements and bouquets for a select group of clients and friends" You can contact Flower Girl for deliveries pretty much anywhere!

images from www.garancedore.fr/en

{t} journal: la creperie cafe

Last night I went to a restaurant called {La Creperie Cafe} in downtown Long Beach to celebrate my friend Jen's birthday and the food were so good! I also love the interior design inside especially the Chandelier so beautiful! I recommend this place if you are ever in Long Beach. (I got a le Saumon Creperie really good!)

images from daile and lacreperiecafe.net


{m} home: Jones Design Company

I found these beautiful photos of Emily's Home from my friend Kristen's {blog} and just completely fell in love with Emily's amazing designs and details in her home. Check out Emily's site {Jones Design Company} and enjoy!

images from jonesdesigncompany.com & 6thstreetdesignschool.blogspot.com


{f} weekend: rodeo

I'll be going to a rodeo in Mission Viejo this weekend! I took this photo from a rodeo I last went to and I love horses! They are so beautiful and fun to ride on! I hope you have a joyful weekend! xo

{f} fashion: jcrew vs the romantics

Everyone has been talking about a movie coming out on September 10th called 'The Romantics' which I'm interested in checking it out. Also Jcrew has hooked up with the Romantics crew in their classy outfits! I love Jcrew! Who else is planning on seeing this movie!?

images from jcrew.com

{th} design: letterheads

I found this website called {Letterheady} and it shows a collection of very famous old letterheads and I thought they were all very classic! I love designing letterheads and if you want me to customize a letterhead for you let me know! Enjoy!

all images from letterheady.com


{w} friend: jackie

This is my good close friend Jackie. I just visited her in San Diego and had a great time having dinner and playing with her film camera around the home. She is a beautiful mother of one cute little girl and is the nicest friendly person I know! We both love anything creative with photography and designs. I love her!

Her favorite flower is Sunflowers and she says, "I dont have an absolute favorite flower, but my manly husband does, in case you were wondering, it's the California Poppy. But if i had to pick one, I do absolutely love Sunflowers. and why? well, they can grow in the wild, they are gorgeous, and a huge field of sunflowers is just so alluring."


{t} music. lyrics. life.

"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent"
~ Victor Hugo ~

I love music! Its the best thing in the world! I grew up dancing with music my whole life and it means so much to me! Here are some random songs that I've been listening to lately. . .

1. There is always a new day no matter what! Joshua Radin: A brand new day! (He'll be in California in November!) I also like the song 'paperweight' and 'I'd rather be with you'. Good songs.
2. I love listening to Brandi Carlile, beautiful voice! Love is all you need! Brandi Carlile: Heaven (October 1st in LA!)
3. I just love the way this song sounds, The Perishers: 8am departure. They're a Swedish indie rock band, one of their songs been known in 'The OC' tv show.
4. I also love listening to A Fine Frenzy! She has such an amazing voice that makes you feel calm and she has gorgeous red hair! Fine Frenzy: think of you.
5. Trevor Hall: Angel Rays "I know I'll be fine, but hey, I still miss you!"
6. A new album that just came out and I kinda like it! Thriving Ivory: where we belong! They are just starting today in LA!
7. I like the soundtrack song from the movie 'One find day'. Natalie Merchant: One fine day!
8. A song that makes me feel excited to see who will be the guy that will be my very best friend or someone that I'll be with forever! Michael Buble: I havn't met you yet. (He is only performing in CA this weekend before he takes off on tour in another country)
9. I'll be going to the Jack Johnson Concert in October and this cute girl name Zee Avi will be performing also from Malaysia. Zee Avi: the story.


{m} home: night jacuzzi

Just last weekend I was at my friend's house and just love the style of the jacuzzi and sitting next to the amazing fire to keep you warm for the night.

images by daile.


{f} weekend: relaxing

I'll be enjoying a relaxing weekend in Newport Harbor, I hope you all have a wonderful joyful weekend!

{f} fashion: Hilary Swank

"I say to all the relationships in my life, just be honest with me. I'd rather hear something I don't want to hear than figure it out later." Hilary Swank

Last night I happened to found these beautiful photos of Hilary Swank while flipping through the September InStyle Magazine. Classic.

Here are some more fun links of fashion beauty! Enjoy!
1. { Greek Goddess: Jennifer Lopez } 2. { Vogue: On the Beach }

{th} friend: out at pelican hill

Just the other day I went out to dinner with my good friend at {Pelican Hill} and its one of my most favorite restaurants in Southern California! The name of the restaurant is called {Coliseum} and it was such a perfect night with the most beautiful sunset. I felt so relax and peaceful and enjoying the beautiful view. If you ever visit this place I recommend starting off with Hummus then Mango Salmon (amazing) and coconut lollipop like dip in chocolate dessert.

{th} design: stina persson

I found this beautiful illustration from {ohjoy} blog and just completely fell in love with {Stina Persson's} art work!

{Stina Persson} is an illustrator based in Stockholm, Sweden. She has introduced a new vibe to the world of fashion illustration – one that combines the glamorous with the raw, and traditional media with digital techniques. In over ten years working as a commercial illustrator, her client list has grown to include Bloomingdale’s, Sony Music, Absolut Vodka, Target, and just to name a few. Stina is most widely recognized for her lush, shimmering watercolors that seem to transcend fashion to exist in a timeless dimension of their own, and she has received praise from the art world for her ink and paper collages that emanate a street sensibility.

She will be having an art gallery show in NYC called 'Perfectly Flawed' in September! Wish I could go and meet her! One day I hope to own one of her illustrations! So beautiful!

images from {stina persson}
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