{f} winter olympics style

Its always so fun to look at all the different winter clothing style from all over the world during the Olympics. I really love the USA Snowboard Team uniforms! They're so white! I also like the color of the regular casual winter Olympic outfits. This weekend is the last weekend to watch the Olympics until 2014! So enjoy the rest of your week watching the last few winter sports; GO USA!

This is Torah Bright and she is my favorite Olympian to watch this year! She is from Australia and just won the Gold from Snowboard Halfpipe. I would love to meet her someday!

Every time I watch the Winter Olympics it reminds me of a time I was asked to be the medals barer for the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympic. Its a memory I'll never forget! I thought I'll share a few of my photos with you...

I live near the beach in California and I miss the snow in my home state of Utah...I wish I could go ski down a mountain right now!


{th} chocolate wrapper

This is a chocolate wrapper designed for a friend of a friend's wedding. For those who are getting married or who know someone having a wedding coming up, let me know and I would love to do some designing!


{w} mom&jackers

When I met this girl I fell in love with her! She is very outgoing and energetic. She loves to do lots of things such as dancing, laughing, traveling, going to concerts, and did I mention she is also an amazing yoga instructor! She taught my first yoga class when I moved to California and I was really impressed with her work-out. This girl is named Melissa. I also have to say that she is also an amazing single mother who has a boy name Jack. They have such a great bond and I truly admire Melissa for what a strong person she is!

Her favorite flower is Gardinias. She says she picked this flower because "It was a flower my mom always grew next to our home and I would pick it for her, we loved the way it smelled; they seem so pure." One of Melissa's best friends has actually called her "flower" for years...how cute is that! Thanks Melissa for your sweet spirit and friendship!
PS. I know I talk about Yoga so much but there is something really exciting coming up and you might want to check this out click { here }!


{t} the three yogi girls!

Whenever I feel like I need to take time to breath, relax and reduce my stress from the crazy busy world we live in, I would go to Corepower Yoga! I attend this class almost every week and I have to say it is the best yoga ever! I recommend going to Sculpt and Hot yoga! My two favorites! These three beautiful yoga girls Kylee, Kiele, and Lisa are one of the best instructors I know! Check out their site from Amara Bliss!


{m} oRgANiZe

I think keeping your home organized is very important. I like to come home and knowing my home is clean and organized, it makes everything so much easier. I have a list of few fun ideas and links to look at and help keep your home organized:

1. I love shopping at
The Container Store, they have lots of great supplies to keep your life organized.
2. Here are more fun supplies to check out, click
3. Martha Stewart always has some good options check out her
4. If you need furniture ideas that promote organization check out this
5. Here are lots of ideas and ways to organize from the
6. More organization from HGTV!


{f} its called sequin

Fashion of the day is anything with sequins and I love these two sequin items! I've kept these photos in my journal since college. They are very classic and very beautiful!


{th} paper + purse

This is a purse made out of paper that I made for fun. If you want to learn how to make one let me know and I'll email you the instructions!


{w} miss wendy

This is my very close sweet friend Miss Wendy from college. I've always admired her energetic personality. She lives in a beautiful city of DC and loves all kinds of outgoing adventures! Her favorite flower is Hydrangeas! She says, "So many tiny flowers to create one big burst of beauty. I love the burgundy, the baby blue, the deep blue, the lime green, and the baby girl pink ones. They are lovely when they dry. They are beautiful as Christmas tree decorations. They fill a bouquet perfectly. Or are delightful on their own." Thanks Wendy... Lots of love!

Hydrangea: a symbol expressing love, gratitude, and enlightenment. It is said that the observer can easily get lost in it's abundance of beautiful petals, and thus gets lost in one's own thoughts - propitiating higher thoughts and reaching enlightenment. Due to it's versatility, and beauty, the hydrangea makes an excellent thank you gift to an unsung hero in our lives.
Wendy is definitely an unsung hero in my life!


{f} hot pink

"You've got to have style. It helps you get out of bed in the morning"
~Diana Vreeland

I would love to wake up in this hot pink silk dress on a Valentine morning. One day I will :)
Happy Valentine's Day!

{f} loving weekend


{th} a peek...

Here is a peek at my valentine card I designed for this year...

{th} victoria's secret

The other day I went for a little shopping at Victoria's Secret to pick out a gift for a bridal shower and maybe for myself too. One of the things I got was a gift card and it came in this gorgeous flower design package and I fell in love with it.


{w} miss rockstar

This is my long time beautiful friend name Naomi who lives in DC. She has a big heart who loves to dance & dance & dance! She is always full of fun adventures and that is what I love about her so much! Her favorite flower is white tulips "love them. forever." ~Naomi. I love you girl!


{t} l.o.v.e

While I was in College I used to have a poster of this picture on the wall for years and I would just stare at it. I love the way he grabs her and gives her a kiss to let her know that he loves her while walking through the busy streets of Paris. You probably think I'm crazy but I just realized that Valentine is coming up soon and I remember when I was in college all I think about is hoping for a romantic kiss on Valentine's Day with a special someone. Everybody is always looking for someone you have a crush on or hoping to get asked out on a date or thinking about a person you dream to be with forever. Well that was years ago since I graduated and knowing the fact that Valentine is all about sharing love with friends and families. Letting others know how much you care about them and that you think about them everyday! I can't wait for that special Valentine's Day!


{m} the master dream list

I love the idea of having vinyl lettering or designs in the home. I found this package with the word 'dream' and I was so excited to put it up in my room. Dream it, Live it, Love it, Listen to your heart!

When I think of the word 'dream' I think about everything I have ever wanted: places to go, things to do, possessions to own, personality or character traits to develop and goals to achieve. There are so many things that I wanted to achieve in my dream! Every morning as I look at this word 'dream' on my mirror while getting ready for the day I can always remind myself to Dream Big and you'll be surprised what have come in your life one day!


{th} channukah

I designed a card for a good friend of mine in celebrating Chanukah over the Holidays.

{th} year 2010

Over the Holidays I designed and made this 2010 card for my family. Check out my design blog!


{w} Adorable Aubrey

If I have to think of one person who is so creative with flowers is my great friend Aubrey. She is very talented and is one of the most amazing floral designer I know! Check out her blog!

Her most favorite flower is Tulips! especially White Tulips! so perfect and pure! "I fell in love with tulips while I served my mission to the central provinces of Canada. To me, they represent strength, courage, and beauty! After months and months of long, cold, winters, life begins to come back to the barren plains. It's the tulip that first pokes it's head through the rough, hard soil. The first sign of life, of hope, that the winter will soon melt away and yield to the blooming of a warm, sunny day. By late spring the walks are lined with their perfect little petals, standing so tall and cheerful, greeting you as you walk by. They're so happy and so full of life. They always make me smile!"



Hello everyone! I’m finally back to my blog now that the Holidays are finally over. During my break, I set my goals for 2010. One of my main goals was to get better at keeping touch with all the things I admired. After a month of procrastination, I am finally tackling my goal by getting my blog up and running again. I'm so excited for the month of February, a time of reminding your friends and family how much you love and care about them.

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