f | fashion: southern frock

Something to wear to the beach . . .

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th | design is . . .

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w | flowers: language of flowers

18 different languages of flowers.

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t | tuesday: at the gym.

One of the things in life that is so important is staying in good shape. I love doing anything that keeps myself strong and in good health. I decided to take a break from yoga and have been going to the gym lately non-stop every day with my babe! The best personal trainer! I just joined this amazing {fitness center} that I'll be starting this week and I can't wait to explore more work-out routines!

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m | home: desire to inspire

A fun {blog} I like to look at to find inspiration for your home. Enjoy!

f | fashion: lace & heels

I just love it!

Lace from {part two} and heels from {jeffrey campbell}

th | design: sugar paper

I really need to go visit this {shop} soon! I love their {design}.

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w | flowers: Spring & Summer Blossoms

I have a guest post today! I hope you enjoy your spring & summer blossoms from {Arcadian Home Decor}.

In nature, spring and summer bring with them the most prolific blooms to fill gardens, fields and homes. In literature, flowers have long been described in splendid detail enabling the reader to imagine their texture and smell. In art, painters and photographers capture blooms for all to enjoy year round. In interior design, florals abound on walls, furnishings and lighting fixtures bringing natureës beauty indoors. In fashion, flowers cover everything from textiles to shoes creating a feminine and classic look. Keeping this in mind, weíve created a collage of luscious spring and summer blossoms for you to enjoy.


Spring and Summer Blossoms

Givemy.org (via)

Monetís garden at Giverny is perhaps one of the most famous in the world. This image by Ariane Cauderlier shows a simple foot-bridge surrounded by lush greenery and draped with wisteria, one of the many scenes Monet painted.


Spring and Summer Blossoms

Phillip Pulfrey brings a flower to life for the reader through his poetic words from Love, Abstraction and Other Speculations.


Spring and Summer Blossoms

Auktionshaus Stahl (via)

Johan Laurents Jensenís flower still life is a glorious example of 19th/20th century artistry by one of the most lauded of the Danish flower painters. Using a ceiling light to accent this lovely painting will definitely highlight each flower and its petals.

Interior Design

Spring and Summer Blossoms

Bite Home (via)

From the floral wallpaper to the fresh flowers next to the floor lamp, blooms are not lacking in this soft, peaceful living room. Youíll find including flowers in an interior design creates a sense of comfort and harmony.


Spring and Summer Blossoms

Vanity Fair (via)

Emily Blunt wears layers of flowers in Diorís Haute Couture gown. The runways are filled with flowers from head to toe every year. Flowers will always be a classic, never a trend -- no matter the medium they are translated into.

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This article is done by a writer from Arcadian Lighting:

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t | quote



m | home: office

Making my office feel like home.

via images by daile.

f | fashion: Neon Nike.

I've been looking for a pair of new nike running shoes and saw so many funky neon color options. I don't know which one I would pick . . . which one would you pick?

via images by www.store.nike.com


th | design: paper dresses

I saw more beautiful paper design dresses the other day at Paper Source and thought they were amazing! I loved every detail and style of all the fancy paper dresses.

via images by daile.

w | flowers: ecuadorian garden roses

Flower of the month: Garden Rose.

via image from {flirtyfleurs.com}
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