{w} loving mother

If I have to think of one person right now it would be my mother. Since I'm the oldest of four, my mother is someone that I can look up to while growing up. Without having the father in the home it was really hard for all us but as I looked at this photo I noticed my siblings are still smiling and it was my mother who kept us strong and to always enjoy life no matter what.

Her favorite flower is Hyacinth because they are highly fragrant enough that you can smell it while walking on the sidewalk next to a garden full of hyacinth. They are also very beautiful, its looks more like a bell-shaped flower with reflexed petals. It blooms in March and her favorite is the lavender, purple and blue color. Hyacinth reminds me of my great grandmother Nana. She would always cut out some Hyacinth from her backyard for me to take home and I have to say that it is one of my most favorite flowers too.

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