{w} julie&kassie

These two girls are the coolest sisters I know! We all used to work at Color Me Mine together in our college years. We used to always go swing dancing all the time and laugh all night long! They have a bright heart and always smiling no matter what! Kassie (the blonde hair) used to run for BYU and now runs for Nike. Julie also used to run for BYU and now plays sand volleyball and is enjoying married life. They have always been a true example to me and I love them very much!

Kassie's favorite flower is Cabbage Rose and she says, "My favorite flower is the cabbage rose...because they are big and fluffy, packed with pedals and smell amazing! Sorry, no deep reason for loving them :)"

Julie's favorite flower is pretty much anything but she says, "As for my favorite flower...I mostly just like all flowers that are bright, because that is what flowers are for...to brighten your day...I'm really liking tulips right now...since they are popping up every where...OOOO that reminds me, my very favorite flower is the Poppy! It's bright reddish-orange and bold...I love it!"

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