m | home: 10 goals & 10 rooms to love.

I'm now back home ready for the new year! Its been an amazing winter break with my family and friends in the snowy town. I'm so excited and ready to see this new year of 2011. Here are my ten goals:

1. Exercise daily: yoga, jog, bike, hike, swim . . .
2. Read more books!
3. Drink more water.
4. Write a letter for fun.
5. Travel to a new place.
6. Do at least 5 service projects.
7. Think of a new design every morning.
8. Think of one thing I'm grateful for each day.
9. Do a new cooking recipe often.
10. Laugh.

Cheers to a new beginning!

I found some fun beautiful images around the home to look at from {Little Bits of Lovely} and there are 10 amazing photos for each room. Check it out!

PS. What are your goals!?
via image by daile. (taken in Ut)

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