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When I met this girl I fell in love with her! She is very outgoing and energetic. She loves to do lots of things such as dancing, laughing, traveling, going to concerts, and did I mention she is also an amazing yoga instructor! She taught my first yoga class when I moved to California and I was really impressed with her work-out. This girl is named Melissa. I also have to say that she is also an amazing single mother who has a boy name Jack. They have such a great bond and I truly admire Melissa for what a strong person she is!

Her favorite flower is Gardinias. She says she picked this flower because "It was a flower my mom always grew next to our home and I would pick it for her, we loved the way it smelled; they seem so pure." One of Melissa's best friends has actually called her "flower" for years...how cute is that! Thanks Melissa for your sweet spirit and friendship!
PS. I know I talk about Yoga so much but there is something really exciting coming up and you might want to check this out click { here }!

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  1. Daile! You are the sweetest thing ever.
    Thank you very much for your kind words.


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