{w} Adorable Aubrey

If I have to think of one person who is so creative with flowers is my great friend Aubrey. She is very talented and is one of the most amazing floral designer I know! Check out her blog!

Her most favorite flower is Tulips! especially White Tulips! so perfect and pure! "I fell in love with tulips while I served my mission to the central provinces of Canada. To me, they represent strength, courage, and beauty! After months and months of long, cold, winters, life begins to come back to the barren plains. It's the tulip that first pokes it's head through the rough, hard soil. The first sign of life, of hope, that the winter will soon melt away and yield to the blooming of a warm, sunny day. By late spring the walks are lined with their perfect little petals, standing so tall and cheerful, greeting you as you walk by. They're so happy and so full of life. They always make me smile!"

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