{w} jordan

This is my friend Jordan. She is definitely someone that brings a smile to my face! She is my very good friend from college. She really contributed to my great college experiences and will forever be apart of all of my fond college memories! I loved wake boarding and scootering and adventuring with her. She is always very friendly to everyone and is full of energy! Three things I have known about Jordan is that she loves her hot red Vespa, lovely butterflies, and the beautiful country of Italy. Love you girl!

Her favorite flower is Sunflower and she says, "As for my favorite flower, its a toss up between a tulip and a sunflower. I think I will go with sunflower since that was my wedding flower. The reason they are my favorite is because they are tough flowers, they fight their way through the arid soil and cling to every last drop of water. In Italian the name for them is a girasol, roughly translated, its a yelling sun, they always face the sun moving as the sun moves and embrace the hardship of where they are with such beauty and grace, and element of tenderness. My own bouquet was made of not store sunflowers, but the field sunflowers, they grow wherever they land not picky at all, they will fight their way up on the sides of highways, abandoned construction sites, and just fight. That is why I love them, they are such strong flowers :)"

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