{w} twin birds

These two beautiful girls are name Heather and Heidi. They are twin sisters and accessory designers whom I have known since freshmen year of college. They're both so fun and energetic and they love taking many creative adventures! They started their own fun fashion business called True Birds! Check out their site {here}!

Heather's favorite flower is Ranunculus and she says "My favorite flowers are Ranunculus. They are such happy little things! I think they look like organic roses. They have such a soft, vintage feel about them. They are delicate and dainty and I love the many layers of petals that make up their beautiful faces. We've used ranunculus in our inspiration for some of our hair accessories and I love letting them arrange themselves in a tall clear vase."

Heidi's favorite flower is sunflower and she says "My favorite flower is a sunflower because they are so bright and look so happy all of the time."

I love you girls! Thanks for always being such great friends! For True Birds latest happenings with the media, celebrities, events and launches visit: {here}!

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  1. Ahhh, love you Daile, thank you so much for the sooo cute post!!! xoxoxoHeather and Heidi


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