{f} a white dress or white pants. . .

I'm loving these colors to wear with white! I can't wait to start wearing white pants or a dress since its almost summer! Have a wonderful weekend!

images from {here} & {here} & {here}


{th} pillows

How beautiful are these modern chic home pillows! If you love these pillows check out this fun pillow giveaway from Jennifer Ramos! Due by May 3rd!

{th} the hebrew alphabet

I love this creative idea of using the hebrew alphabet on a poster design. Alef Betty is the designer of these hebrew letters and she shared a great story about why she did these designs. Check out her site {here}

{th} easter&passover

Easter "He lives"
Dayenu "It would have been enough"
Since April is almost over, I've realized I have not posted my designs for this month's holiday. I did one for Easter and one for Passover.


{w} julie

The girl with the navy blue coat and hood on is my roomate Julie. She has always been so fun to live with. She is very artistic and always loves new adventures. Every time I come home I see her painting beautiful flowers that I love to just stare at it because of how beautiful they are. She has so much artistic talent. She is originally from Hawaii and just got engaged to her handsome Canadian man over the weekend on stage at the Jack Johnson's concert {Kokua Festival 2010} in her hometown. I'm so excited for her new journey and can't wait for more paintings to come. Check out her site {here}.

Her favorite flower is purple roses and pikake-pakalana because of their amazing scent. They remind her of her beautiful hometown of Oahu.

Ps. Tomorrow is her Birthday! Hau`oli Lā Hānau e Julie!! I love you! You are beautiful in & out!


{t} women from the old testament

I was asked to participate for a research study class for Camille Fronk's new book "Women of the old Testament" in 2005 at BYU. Camille Fronk Olson is a professor of ancient scripture at BYU. She has traveled to Israel and Egypt many times to explore the history of the ancient prophets. She is an amazing woman who inspires many people with her gospel studies. When my mom gave me this book last Easter I was surprised to see my name listed on one of the opening pages. What a pleasure it was for me to be apart of this amazing book. There are many beautiful paintings of the women from the old testament in this book who are great examples of righteousness. Each student in the class had one woman to study and learn about. I was chosen to study Sarah. What I learned from Sarah is she had such great courage whenever she felt discouraged. She was also a big support to Abraham, her husband, who was the prophet during those ancient times. I've learned so much from this book and I really recommend it to those who are interested on learning more about the women from the old testament.

"We live in a day when scriptures are readily available and when we can regularly read or hear the counsel of prophets, seers, and revelators. These tremendous opportunities do not signal that we need Christ less than did the women in ancient days. We need Him every bit as much as they did. One day we will have an opportunity to meet these women. They are ordinary women who made extraordinary contributions despite their challenges and foibles-because of the grace of the Lord. They are waiting to teach us that we, as ordinary individuals, can also do extraordinary things to make the world a better place and bring people to Christ when we follow their examples by turning our lives over to Him. " ~Camille Fronk


{m} murals

I love hand painted walls... especially in homes. This is from one of my old neighbor's houses growing up. I love the whimsical garden painted for a little girls room.


{f} casual

I'm loving these casual outfits that I would wear for the weekend. Images from {here}.


{th} bloomingdales

VOTE FOR ME!! click {here } and go to "view entries" and type in {love green }. Find my name with this design and VOTE!

{th} ocean

I can't wait to see this movie! I always love the ocean! Check it out {here}!


{w} jordan

This is my friend Jordan. She is definitely someone that brings a smile to my face! She is my very good friend from college. She really contributed to my great college experiences and will forever be apart of all of my fond college memories! I loved wake boarding and scootering and adventuring with her. She is always very friendly to everyone and is full of energy! Three things I have known about Jordan is that she loves her hot red Vespa, lovely butterflies, and the beautiful country of Italy. Love you girl!

Her favorite flower is Sunflower and she says, "As for my favorite flower, its a toss up between a tulip and a sunflower. I think I will go with sunflower since that was my wedding flower. The reason they are my favorite is because they are tough flowers, they fight their way through the arid soil and cling to every last drop of water. In Italian the name for them is a girasol, roughly translated, its a yelling sun, they always face the sun moving as the sun moves and embrace the hardship of where they are with such beauty and grace, and element of tenderness. My own bouquet was made of not store sunflowers, but the field sunflowers, they grow wherever they land not picky at all, they will fight their way up on the sides of highways, abandoned construction sites, and just fight. That is why I love them, they are such strong flowers :)"


{t} beauty

I love this photo that I stole from Melissa's! She also posted this quote that I love: "what we insistently desire,overtime, is what we will eventually become and what we will receive in the eternity." -neal a. maxwell

{t} canoeing


{m} bed

I love the bright turquoise colored blanket on the bed and the feel of the room. I love beds! Lately I have been spending a lot of time in my bed. A bed is like your best friend, it's there whenever you need it. I love being in my bed when I'm tired and need to sleep or when I'm crying, relaxing, reading, and dreaming!


{th} canoeing

I'm off to go canoeing down the Colorado River by Vegas! Have a great weekend!

{th} method

I got this creative Method body wash bottle in my Easter basket. It is a pretty cool idea. Very creative packaging and it even has a cool minty feel to it when you use it! Check it out {here}


{w} Diana

This is my friend Diana and I have so many fun memories with her. We used to work together at Color Me Mine and hang out all the time in college! She now lives in San Francisco with her husband, enjoying the beautiful bay! She is so good at keeping things organized, loves having parties at her house, and has a kind loving personality. She is so creative and good at coming up with ideas for parties, cooking and house decore! I get so excited whenever she comes up with new ideas! Check out her cute custom designs {here} and {here}!

Her favorite flower is Peony and she says "they are just so lush and beautiful!" :)


{t} spring break

I've been so busy being with my family for spring break last week and had an amazing time! We went to the beach, Angel's baseball game, Knott's Berry Farm and went to LA to Travis' concert. I miss them already!


{m} antique&artisan

I found this {site} and got excited at looking at all kinds of beautiful different antique furniture.


{th} families are forever

I made this pillow for my mom for Mother's Day last year and the picture on the pillow is my favorite picture of my family. It was taken by Mike Cunningham and he is an amazing talented photographer I have to say. My family just got here in California from Utah to visit me for spring break. I love my family so much and how grateful I am to be able to have a family that can be together forever.



I love getting postcards they come in all different designs such as this one that turns into a miniature garden with just a little basic origami and a sprinkling of water. {Postcarden }
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