w | flower: paperwhite ziva

I finally took the step to start planting these bulbs while its winter season. Its really easy and fun to do! Here are the instructions:

1) 4 paperwhite ziva bulbs
2) 6" clay pot along with the bottom piece
3) white rocks
4) indoor planting soil
5) medium paint brush
6) gold paint (I added white too)
7) tape

Paint the whole pot gold. Also if you want, you can put tape around the top and paint the edge white.

1) pour in a little bit of white rocks at the bottom of the pot enough to cover the base. 2) pour in the indoor planting soil close to the top of the pot. 3) arrange the bulbs one by one in the soil, being careful to push them in just a bit. Be sure to leave at least 1/4 of your bulbs visible above the soil.

Water your bulbs and place them in a bright yet cool location. Enjoy!

via images by daile.

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