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"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent"
~ Victor Hugo ~

I love music! Its the best thing in the world! I grew up dancing with music my whole life and it means so much to me! Here are some random songs that I've been listening to lately. . .

1. There is always a new day no matter what! Joshua Radin: A brand new day! (He'll be in California in November!) I also like the song 'paperweight' and 'I'd rather be with you'. Good songs.
2. I love listening to Brandi Carlile, beautiful voice! Love is all you need! Brandi Carlile: Heaven (October 1st in LA!)
3. I just love the way this song sounds, The Perishers: 8am departure. They're a Swedish indie rock band, one of their songs been known in 'The OC' tv show.
4. I also love listening to A Fine Frenzy! She has such an amazing voice that makes you feel calm and she has gorgeous red hair! Fine Frenzy: think of you.
5. Trevor Hall: Angel Rays "I know I'll be fine, but hey, I still miss you!"
6. A new album that just came out and I kinda like it! Thriving Ivory: where we belong! They are just starting today in LA!
7. I like the soundtrack song from the movie 'One find day'. Natalie Merchant: One fine day!
8. A song that makes me feel excited to see who will be the guy that will be my very best friend or someone that I'll be with forever! Michael Buble: I havn't met you yet. (He is only performing in CA this weekend before he takes off on tour in another country)
9. I'll be going to the Jack Johnson Concert in October and this cute girl name Zee Avi will be performing also from Malaysia. Zee Avi: the story.

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