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Over the weekend I got a little crafty for the holiday and made a "Peace Love Joy" sign on canvas. Many of my friends saw it and were curious to know how I made it so I thought I'll post up a fun DIY project for you for the Holiday! Here are the directions:

You'll need:

1. Sterling Glitter (Micheal's craft store, Martha Stewart section)
2. Silver Acrylic Paint
3. White Acrylic Paint
4. Small thin paint brush
5. Medium paint brush
6. Full Sheet Label with removable adhesive (Office Depot)
7. 12x12 canvas or any size you'll like
8. A sharp stick to peel the sheet label cutouts off the canvas
9. retractable knife (not in picture)

Print out the wording on the full sheet label and cut each font out with the retractable knife and stick them on the canvas. When finished sticking all of them on the canvas, go ahead and paint the silver acrylic paint over it. Do about 2 or 3 coats.

As soon as you finish the last coat of paint, while it's still wet, sprinkle the glitter covering the entire canvas and let it sit to dry for a few hours.

When dry, either you can use your fingers or a sharp tool to take the stickers off. Don't worry if it looks messy - you can clean up the wording with paint.

Then you paint 3 coats of white Acrylic paint over the wording and you're done! If you don't want to make them and is interested in buying one let me know and I'll be glad to make you one!

via images by daile.

Ps. Check out {Shabby Nest} for more inspiration!

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  1. Ok! I really want one of those! I wished we lived closer so we could do fun crafty projects together! I miss you!


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