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"{Soolip}'s Founder, Wanda Wen, started her business nearly 15 years ago out of a life long passion she had (and still has!) for the paper arts, letter-writing and the simple pleasures of life. Her approach to life is to live each day with beauty and inspiration, being resourceful, respecting each other and our earth, and learning to see the beauty in simplicity. Her first book, The Art of Gift Wrapping, has just been published. The name Soolip has its heritage in the Chinese language, meaning "One's life destiny is to seek wisdom." Soolip is also Wanda's middle name."

I had the opportunity to meet Wanda Wen the designer of {Soolip} and I was so excited to see her amazing creativity in wrapping up presents. I learned so much and have gotten so many fun ideas to wrap the holiday presents in a unique way. She is very nice and friendly to everyone. I had a great time meeting and talking with her. Check out her {site} to get some fun ideas for all your wrappings or visit her shop in LA! Happy Holidays!

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