m | home: the cabin

"Wherever we are together that is home"
I'm out of town with my family in the snowy mountains for the Holidays. One of the things I really love about the winter season is spending time in a cozy cabin with my family and friends. I'm signing off until the new year. I wanted to thank you for all your visits and kind comments this year! Have a happy rest of 2010! Don't forget to write down your new goals to make 2011 just as wonderful! ps. I found the quote from {here}.
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f | christmas eve.

Merry Christmas!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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th | design: the cheveron notebook.

I design and made these cheveron pattern notebooks for the holidays. If you're interested let me know! :)
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w | flower: a secret admirer.

Flowers for me? I came home the other day and saw this by the front door . . . I was surprised and read the little star note . . . its from a secret admirer. . .

Ps. Whoever its from . . . I wanted to say thank you! It made my day! I love the Star of Bethlehem flower!


t | journal: stockings

"Dear Santa Claus the time is nigh for you to appear please fill my stocking with Christmas cheer but all I really want is LOVE this year."

We have 3 more days to go till its Christmas! My friend {Sally} shared a post about this quote and I fell in love with the illustration work. You can find it from {oh my deer} blog and she sells them at {etsy} check them out! It's so cute!

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m | home: a drink? some snacks? or a treat?!

I found some fun Holiday treats to entertain your guest in the home! They all look so good that I'm dying to make some right now! yum!

1. {Chocolate Peanut Butter Bon Bons} I love peanut butter!
2. {Coconut Wafers with Coconut Granita} makes me want to go back to Italy.
3. {White Chocolate Pretzels} looks good to me!


f | weekend: have a cupcake.

Enjoy your last weekend of Christmas shopping! Don't forget to take a break and get yourself a delicious cupcake. I got mine from {Sprinkles} yum!

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f | fashion: plain and simple.

I think I would just love to wear this outfit today with my hair natural wavy and put on some simple rings from tiffany&co. Just plain and simple. What about you?

via images from {the sartorialist} and {pinterest} and {tiffany&co}.


th | design: black glitter

I painted a canvas covered with black glitter for my sister and I loved it! If you're interested in buying one shoot me an email and I'll be happy to make you one!

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w | flowers: for you.

I'm off to get some stuff done for the holiday. Here are some flowers for you from my little office. Don't forget to smile today :)

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t | journal: Soolip gift wrapping

"{Soolip}'s Founder, Wanda Wen, started her business nearly 15 years ago out of a life long passion she had (and still has!) for the paper arts, letter-writing and the simple pleasures of life. Her approach to life is to live each day with beauty and inspiration, being resourceful, respecting each other and our earth, and learning to see the beauty in simplicity. Her first book, The Art of Gift Wrapping, has just been published. The name Soolip has its heritage in the Chinese language, meaning "One's life destiny is to seek wisdom." Soolip is also Wanda's middle name."

I had the opportunity to meet Wanda Wen the designer of {Soolip} and I was so excited to see her amazing creativity in wrapping up presents. I learned so much and have gotten so many fun ideas to wrap the holiday presents in a unique way. She is very nice and friendly to everyone. I had a great time meeting and talking with her. Check out her {site} to get some fun ideas for all your wrappings or visit her shop in LA! Happy Holidays!

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m | home: "graham cracker" house

It's that time of year to make a gingerbread house for the Holiday except Tyler & I made one out of graham crackers. I had Tyler put together the house while I do the decorating and loved it!

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f | fashion: rain&snow

I need some boots bad and I love boots! These are my two favorite kind of boots, one for rain and one for snow. Since I live in Southern California I would love to wear this cute pair of rain boots from {Joules}! The snow boots from {Sorel} would be for whenever I go visit my family in the snowy mountains. Love them! What is your favorite pair of boots?


th | design: seblester

I have always love Seblester's type design. I could seriously look at his work all day long! He is so passionate about letterforms and is truly a type genius!

Some of his prints are available to purchase from {here}. Also be sure to check out more of {Seblester}'s work! Love it!

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w | flower: paperwhite ziva

I finally took the step to start planting these bulbs while its winter season. Its really easy and fun to do! Here are the instructions:

1) 4 paperwhite ziva bulbs
2) 6" clay pot along with the bottom piece
3) white rocks
4) indoor planting soil
5) medium paint brush
6) gold paint (I added white too)
7) tape

Paint the whole pot gold. Also if you want, you can put tape around the top and paint the edge white.

1) pour in a little bit of white rocks at the bottom of the pot enough to cover the base. 2) pour in the indoor planting soil close to the top of the pot. 3) arrange the bulbs one by one in the soil, being careful to push them in just a bit. Be sure to leave at least 1/4 of your bulbs visible above the soil.

Water your bulbs and place them in a bright yet cool location. Enjoy!

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t | music: snowfall

. . . listening to it right now . . . its a cute song . . .

listen to it {here}


m | home: Peace Love Joy

Over the weekend I got a little crafty for the holiday and made a "Peace Love Joy" sign on canvas. Many of my friends saw it and were curious to know how I made it so I thought I'll post up a fun DIY project for you for the Holiday! Here are the directions:

You'll need:

1. Sterling Glitter (Micheal's craft store, Martha Stewart section)
2. Silver Acrylic Paint
3. White Acrylic Paint
4. Small thin paint brush
5. Medium paint brush
6. Full Sheet Label with removable adhesive (Office Depot)
7. 12x12 canvas or any size you'll like
8. A sharp stick to peel the sheet label cutouts off the canvas
9. retractable knife (not in picture)

Print out the wording on the full sheet label and cut each font out with the retractable knife and stick them on the canvas. When finished sticking all of them on the canvas, go ahead and paint the silver acrylic paint over it. Do about 2 or 3 coats.

As soon as you finish the last coat of paint, while it's still wet, sprinkle the glitter covering the entire canvas and let it sit to dry for a few hours.

When dry, either you can use your fingers or a sharp tool to take the stickers off. Don't worry if it looks messy - you can clean up the wording with paint.

Then you paint 3 coats of white Acrylic paint over the wording and you're done! If you don't want to make them and is interested in buying one let me know and I'll be glad to make you one!

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Ps. Check out {Shabby Nest} for more inspiration!


f | fashion: the blue dress

Happy Hannukah! I'm loving the blue fashion style in this photo!

via image from {bardotinblue.com}


th | design: tiffany&co ad

I love this classic advertising campaign from Tiffany & Co! "A celebration of the joy of true love, the warm embrace of family and the magic of the season in New York, the striking scenarios were shot by renowned photographer Peter Lindbergh and feature models Doutzen Kroes and Inés Sastre as well as motion picture star Patrick Wilson and actor Neal Bledsoe." This starts to make me feel excited about Christmas! What do you look forward to most about this time of year? I would love to hear your story!

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w | flower: star of bethlehem

This flower is called the Star of Bethlehem which belongs to the Ornithogalum genus. A star of Bethlehem plant is a perennial herbaceous plant with small flowers that have six petals. Flowers typically are white but also can be yellow, orange, pink, red or blue. Different species of the plant are native to the Mediterranean region and Southern Africa. The star of Bethlehem plant has star-like flowers and was named after the star in the Biblical story of Jesus' birth. Beautiful.

via image reynoldsflowers.com
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