{t} journal: back in town

I had just got back from my Labor Day weekend trip and had such an amazing time with many wonderful friends! Santa Barbara has always been one of my favorite places to hang out and relax. We rode the ATV over the beach in Pismo, had a white party, karaoke, watch a movie outside on the beach, played ping pong, hung out on state street in SB, watched some Football and danced the night away! It was a beautiful weekend! If you are ever in Santa Barbara here are a few of the places that I listed of what I ate over the weekend that I thought you might want to check it out! enjoy!

1. A great spot to eat Mexican food outside for lunch is at {Sandbar}
2. Its Monday night football time! A great place to watch sports would be at {O'Malleys}!
3. I'm a sushi lover! One of my most favorite is {Arigato Sushi}
4. I love having a smoothie from {Blenders in the grass} after all the walking through state street.
5. I always crave chocolate! My friend took me to an amazing chocolate boutique called {Chocolate Maya} where they have all kinds of amazing chocolate from around the world!
6. The last best place would be for enjoying a good time with a group of friends for the last time at {Blush} in the evening. They have a beautiful cozy atmosphere outside around the fire pit.

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