{w} friend: jen

Me and Jen posing after a run!

This is my good friend Jen. I love her! She is so fun! I always love to be around her! we have lots of fun together... we both love to work out hard core, peddle to the metal... we mean business and whenever I need to be motivated to go running or go to yoga Jen's got my back!!! We both love to travel, we love to talk all the time and we love the same things when we shop... just to name a few. She is always full of energy and loves to go on fun adventures! She has great taste and the most amazing and inspiring outlook on life. She is a very kind and friendly person that everyone loves! Her favorite flower is a Peony, she says, "I love Peonies! I love how classy they are!" love you Jen! Thanks for always being the best jogging partner and friend ever!

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