{t} music: Donavon Frankenreiter

". . . if it don't matter to you it don't matter to me . . . "

". . . even though I can't see you all the time, I got to let you know you're on my mind . . . "

". . . I want to show you my love, your love, my love, our love yeah . . ."

" . . . I feel so close to you because I see what you see too, I'm lookin for life, love and laughter . . ."

Just recently I went with a group of friends to the "Flight and Sounds of Summer" festival in Irvine to see {Donavon Frankenreiter}'s concert! I have to say it was a blast! We were standing right in front of the stage the whole time! During the concert Donavon gave away 2 guitars, his cowboy hat and even threw his microphone out in the audience! Whoever caught the microphone has to sing along with him. It was amazing! He really seems like a very friendly caring person.

Donavon just lives close by from where I live just over the hills in Laguna Beach and he loves to travel around the world doing music and surfing. His voice is like a warm summer breeze compare to Jack Johnson which he has performed with him a couple times. His new record will be coming out on Tuesday October 5th called "Glow" and will be touring around the states. Check out his {site}!

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  1. Um i have a fun story for you about this post. One I am good friends with Donny. He went with me to Indo a few months back. On the trip he was working on what is now called Glow and many other songs. After 15 days with him a he told me he was going to call the new single Glow after me (It has a hidden meaning.) But yeah he is a super rad guy. Totally mellow and down to earth. I think he is better then Jack cause his music sounds different unlike Jacks. But he doesnt live in laguna any more he move to Kauai. He gave me some tickets to that show but I couldnt find anyone to go with and since I have been to a lot of his shows I gave the tickets to this girl at work. When did you move to Laguna?

  2. No way! Seriously I'm so glad you told me about this! That is so awesome! You should've told me about the tickets! I would've love to go! I'm still planning on a trip to Hawaii! Let me know next time you see Donavon and I'm there!


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