{w} out of town

Today I'm off to Las Vegas and Park City for a wedding! I'm so excited! Since I won't be having my computer with me for a while, I thought I'll share some fun stuff to look at while I'm gone for the rest of the week! Enjoy!
(I'll be posting pics when I get back!)

1. Which would you pick? a {boozy campari citrus pops} or a {pop bar}?

2. Feel like hiking? then this is the {place} for you.

3. Too lazy to do your hair? well take a walk and this {dry bar} will do everything for you! no problem!

4. Found this from {here} and this {video} made me feel very patriotic and appreciative. I also like the song too! (make sure you watch the whole video its really good)

5. If you were to shop online from {linea pelle} what would you get? I think I'll get the double wrap triple row mixed gold studs cuff! love it!

6. Don't want to waste those menus for your wedding dinner, check out {delysia} maybe that will help you out. who does not like chocolate?

7. Thinking of Italy? Something romantic? found this from {here} and it says to be the
the finest stop motion Italian romantic short film you've ever seen called {Notte Sento}.

8. What is your favorite spot to look at the stars all night long? Since I'm going to Utah this week I would love to stop by {Amangiri Hotel} just to sleep on a bed that is outside where you can gaze at the stars!

9. Something to dream about . . . {tahitian dreams} . . .

10. I always love to hear good thoughts from lots of amazing {speakers} that will be speaking this weekend at a church conference. You can watch it on TV too! Thought you might enjoy.

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!


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