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It's Jam Time! Ever since I can remember my family has bottled jam and peaches and other fruits and things. It is a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. I can still remember my great grandma picking her perfect raspberries and making jam to bottle up and give to all her loved ones. Its that time of year again when all of the most delicious fruits are in season so my Mom and Grandma have been hard at work. When I was recently in Utah my Mom sent me home with some delicious jams. They will be gone before long because lately I've been eating a lot of jam toast with cottage cheese on top for breakfast! So good!

p.s. another cute online home magazine called {adore}. Thought you would like to look at it too :)

image by daile.

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  1. I love jam!

    I was on Adore's website the other day and it's a great magazine with tons of inspiration.


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