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Welcome to the Santa Barbara Bowl! One of the most beautiful amphitheaters I have ever been to! Even better then the Hollywood bowl!

My ticket to the concert!

My friend and I went to his pre-show which he plays before he gets on stage later in the evening, and yes we were this close.

This amphitheater has a beautiful ocean view and its in the mountains with lots of trees around. Its also a fun place to take a walk and get some good food!

More photos from the concert and yes we were this close again!

Jack would never jump in the crowed but in Santa Barbara, he did.

My all time favorite photo I took of him! He has the biggest smile and I was just standing right there! He knows how to bring the party to Santa Barbara where it all began! It was the best Jack Johnson concert I've ever been to! I had such a great time spending the weekend in SB.

Ps. I love Jack and the fact that he is a big supporter of non-profit organizations and I recommend checking it all out at {allatonce.org} to make a difference!

all images by daile.


  1. I love the photos Daile! Especially the one with Jack Johnson crowd surfing. Amazing. Who did you go to the show with?

  2. Oh my gosh, GREAT pics!!! Looks like you had so much fun! I <3 Jack. :)


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